About Us

A few years ago, I experienced an injury to my wrist while working out. I had always been an avid user of wrist wraps, but have always felt that the process of wrapping and unwrapping was time consuming- and to be honest, a bit antiquated. I thought it would be really cool if there was a way to wrap your wrist at a much faster pace. In that moment, Boa Wrapz was born!
Boa Wrapz is a new and improved way of wrapping. Boa Wrapz utilizes a distinctive technology that offers the optimal level of wrist support and protection while saving you time from manually wrapping. Just slip on the expertly designed wrist wrap glove, with a push of a button the wrap inflates providing an ideal amount of pressure that protects the wrist and prevents further strain or injury. When you’re done, push a button to release the pressure and remove the wrap. Its unique, push-button approach will change your entire workout experience. When you use Boa Wrapz during your workout, you’ll immediately feel an improved level of support, as well as a strong sense of confidence while doing any exercise that involves your wrist. There’s nothing else on the market today like this fresh, innovative product!