The “newest” thing in technology is being created and developed at a rapid pace to make the world an easier, more convenient place for humans to live. The world itself is moving into the future - knowledge is being increased and autonomous robots are doing work for you such as:

  • Driverless cars
  • Artificial Intelligence Search engines
  • Automated Trading systems controlled by Artificial Intelligence

If A.I. is trusted to control your money and car, then allow BOA Wrapz to make the best decision for your wrist protection with automatic air pressure inflation with a touch of a button!

Traditional wrist wrapping is a very antiquated method and will be outdated like cassette tapes and CD players within the next few years - Boa Wrapz is a new and improved way of wrapping. Boa Wrapz utilizes a distinctive
technology that offers the optimal level of wrist support and protection while saving you time from manually wrapping. Just slip on the expertly designed wrist wrap and attached glove. With a push of a button, the wrap inflates, providing an ideal amount of pressure that protects the wrist and prevents
further strain or injury. When you’re done, push a button to release the pressure and remove the wrap.

There’s nothing else on the market today like this fresh, innovative product! Its unique, push-button approach will change your entire workout experience. When you use Boa Wrapz during your workout, you’ll immediately feel an improved level of support, as well as a strong sense of confidence while doing any exercise that involves your wrist. Boa Wrapz is a proactive approach to avoiding wrist injury.