Our Story

"As a weightlifter, I’ve gone through countless wrist wraps and gloves. A few years ago, a workout-related wrist injury inspired me to rethink wrist wraps as a whole. I’d always considered the process of wrapping and unwrapping to be time-consuming and inconvenient.
I started thinking about a way to wrap my wrists faster and better, so my time in the gym could be safer and more efficient. With help from a team of engineers, I’ve developed Boa Wrapz."

-Founder of Boa Wrapz

Boa Wrapz is a revolutionary form of protection that offers the combined benefits of a glove and a wrist wrap in one intuitive product.

Boa Wrapz’s distinctive technology offers optimal wrist support and protection while saving you time from manually wrapping.

Looking for a way to take your bench presses, deadlifts, and overhead presses to the next level?

Boa Wrapz will keep your wrist extensors and flexors stable and protected without overly-restricting your range of motion, helping you to lift heavier, faster, and safer.